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Fellow eCom Store Owner,

Do you feel invisible to your potential customers?

Did you come into eCom thinking it was going to be simple?

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… all while seeing VERY LITTLE to show for?

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If you’ve ever struggled with:
  • Needing more customers
  • Not knowing how to pick a winning product
  • Feeling confused with marketing
  • ​Needing a real bulletproof plan
… then thank God you are here.

You see, I’ve created an eCom Success System so turn-key… even a 19 year old kid can follow along and do it!
Why is it that just about anyone can take our methods… and see success with them?

… because we give you a step-by-step roadmap to transform your store into small goldmine and it’s ONLY possible with:

The eCom Masters Club!

It’s called that because everyone who joins gains the skill set to MASTER all aspects of ecommerce at the *SNAP* of a finger.

No matter how many years you’ve been in the game…

No matter if you’ve never registered a sale or are doing 6 figures…

You too can become an eCom Master in just a few short days.


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I’m not a betting man. But if I was I’d bet everything this fact:

Once you join eCom Masters Club… every aspect of eCom will become much clearer, smoother, and more profitable for you.

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I’m also going to throw in these 4 epic bonuses:
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Bonus #4 - Free Coaching Call with Me Personally 

And those are just the FREE BONUSES ($5,495 total value)!

Here’s What’s Inside The eCom Masters Club:

  • Two Monthly Coaching Calls
  • Access to all recorded calls
  • 4 Pillars of Prosperity for Picking Phenomenal eCom Niches Training + Worksheet
  • Supplier Approval Module + Script
  • 212 Hot eCommerce Products and Niches
  • 33 Hot B2B eCommerce Products and Niches
  • Private Members only FB Group
  • Dropshipping Mini Course
  • Expert Vault: 17 eCom 7 Figure Expert Trainings
  • Optimizing For Conversions with the Power of Gift Giving
  • eCom Power Hour Recordings
  • Value Stack Training + Template

My 30-Day Promise 

If you don’t think The eCom Masters Club & bonuses are worth $1…

Just let me know and I’ll send it back + you can keep the materials.

Matter fact - I’ll send you $2 for your troubles!

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And for just $1? You can’t even get a soda pop for that price anymore LOL!

Joking aside, this is the best investment you can make in your business

Say goodbye to stressing, shouting and cursing under your breath (be honest, we’ve all been there with our stores).

Instead, with open arms embrace a new day of profits, clarity, and eCom mastery.

Getting started is simple.

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Terms And Conditions: After you experience your first 30 days of eCom Masters Club (EMC) membership, you want to keep access to EMC, do nothing and you'll be billed $47/month giving you access to all the live Sessions and content ($9137 Value). If you don't want to take advantage of continued membership, you simply let us know and you'll never be charged another penny. You also agree that you have read our Terms of Service Policy and fully understand how eCom Masters Club works.

To your success,

Earnest Epps




P.S. Here’s a recap of what you’ll get inside eCom Masters Club:

  • Access to all previously recorded calls
  • 4 Pillars of Prosperity for Picking Phenomenal eCom Niches Training + Worksheet
  • Supplier Approval Module + Script
  • ​212 Hot eCommerce Products and Niches
  • ​33 Hot B2B eCommerce Products and Niches
  • ​Private Members only FB Group
  • ​Dropshipping Mini Course
  • ​Expert Vault: 17 eCom 7 Figure Expert Trainings
  • ​Optimizing For Conversions with the Power of Gift Giving
  • ​eCom Power Hour Recordings
  • ​Value Stack Training + Template

You’re also going to get ongoing coaching & support from our team of experts with myself and my team on coaching calls weekly, that’s 12+ live sessions you can be a part of for the entire month…

Which normally retail for $5,495… but when you take action today you get it absolutely FREE!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get my order?


As soon as you click the orange button to confirm your order, you will receive an email from us with access to your course area as well as your 5 bonuses.

Is there any risk?

Nope-- none at all!

You can test-drive the eCom Masters Club for $1 for a full 30 days. If you are unhappy for any reason let me know and I’ll send that dollar back to you. If you are pleased with the Masters Club, continue and we will renew your membership at $47 each month thereafter.

How long will this offer be available?

As soon as you leave this browser this special $1 offer is GONE FOR GOOD.

Like I said above… this normally sells for much more and I’m ONLY doing this holiday deal.

So if I were you, I would NOT let this opportunity slip through my fingers.

How long until I start seeing results?

Most people see results within 7-14 days. But others see results within MINUTES of applying what they discover

What eCom businesses does this work for?

This knowledge applies to any and all eCom store types - so dropshipping, Personal Brands, Private Label, etc... Even etsy store owners and other 3rd party sellers such as eBay and Amazon can benefit from this stuff too!

What if I’m already a member of eCom Masters Club, can I get this deal?

No worries. Just email us and we’ll prorate your current membership refunding you the difference of this month and you can start the $1 offer today.  
Warning: This Special One-Time Only Deal Will Expire As Soon As You Leave The Browser.
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